From the recording "The Legend"

"The Legend"
Original Movie Song Written by: Pete Hunt
Movie: The Legend Of Kate Kensington Releasing 2021
Produced by: David Mikeal
Recorded at: Studio Live USA Oviedo, FL


The Legend
In the deep dark hills of the Carolina mountains way down south to the citrus county line. Lives a legend that follows from the backwoods and the holler ..The Legend Of Kate Kensington.
On Pearl Harbor Day the war that took him away before their wedding day she couldn’t live with the pain and it drove her insane never to be seen again.
Shadows of the night she’s slowly creeping by searching for the truth to be told. She can’t move on til her message is carried on The Legend Of Kate Kensington.
Unsettled in her mind waken by the night a mystery to be told by a child. By his tombstone she waits to come home in the silence of the darkness all alone.
Preacher holds her hand shares all he can to protect the things he don’t understand. She opens her eyes guided by the light scared but she doesn’t know why. Now that she knows the mystery unfolds and the truth to be finally told… The truth to be finally told.
There’s a blood moon tonight she’s slowly creeping by searching in the shadows of the night. She cant move on she waiting to come home in The Hills Of Rest all alone ..
“The Legend Of Kate Kensington”…..
“The Legend Of Kate Kensington”
Written By: Peter R. Hunt